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Technical works 18.03.2023

March 17, 2023
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Tomorrow (18.03) at 6.00 Moscow time, technical work will take place. The server will be unavailable for ~30 minutes.
– Beryl debuff resistance duration has been reduced to 0.5/1 second
– Damage resistance effect on factional trigrams has been replaced with 300 Accuracy
– Soju with a buff for accuracy and defense was added to the arena exchanger
– A bag with a shining hexagonal diamond has been added to the crafting guild of jewelers

The following costumes will be added:
– Black Dagger Outfit
– Outfit of Golden Daggers
– Silver Dagger Outfit
– Red Dagger Outfit
– Outfit Superstar
– Light summer scent
– Mask of the Blackhold Conqueror
The following costumes will be removed:
– Outfit and bow Through the Looking Glass
– Outfit and Hair Whisper of Shadows
– Night Ghost Outfit