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Technical works 28.01.2023

January 27, 2023
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Tomorrow (28.01) at 6.00 Moscow time, technical work will be carried out. The server will be unavailable for ~30 minutes.
List of changes after those. works:
Changing Effects:
– The chance of triggering the Blacksmith’s Guardian/True Power effects on the “Summoner” game class has been reduced
– The effect from a full set of fractional trigrams now has a cooldown of 20 seconds

Characteristics of fractional trigrams:
– HP has been reduced by 25%

Will be added:
– City walk set
– Checkered scarf
– Outfit Summer Outing
– Outfit Picnic
– Destructive Whirlwind Outfit
– Outfit Employee of the Month
– Black Swan Outfit
– Court Outfit
– court hairstyle
– Azalea Outfit
– Azalea Hat
– Ataman’s hairstyle

Will be removed:
– Sky Maiden Outfit
– Nightmare Outfit
– Outfit Confrontation
– Sky Garden Outfit
– Juran hairstyle
– Dawn’s Chosen Ornament

The preliminary list of tournament participants is presented on the screen.

Nickname class Region
deanon Summoner RU
Yoru Lyn Sword Master RU
SF Lyn Sword Master CN
Frizko Kung Fu Master RU
Tamaki Lyn Sword Master RU
wo bu Summoner CN
Li Bai Blade Master CN
Teterushka Lyn Sword Master RU
Fallensoull Destroyer CN
Tanoro Force Master RU
HarpeR Destroyer RU
Harruno Summoner RU
Junty Destroyer RU
Horny Assasin RU
KTO MbI Summoner RU
xile Lyn Sword Master CN
menxin Assassin CN
matou Summoner CN
fnnop Destroyer CN
battle Lyn Sword Master CN
YuanLin Lyn Sword Master CN
HeiMao Lyn Sword Master CN
sanqian Lyn Sword Master CN
Hle Destroyer CN
NPC Summoner CN
Sunshiner Blade Master CN
xxxxxu Lyn Sword Master CN
RliKE Lyn Sword Master CN
Amatanth Assassin CN
moranyunyan Blade Master CN
JToo Blade Master CN
Sunflower Assassin CN
Cany Assassin CN
YanFang Assassin CN
ikexxx Assassin CN
xier Assassin CN
yzxjmy Summoner CN
SSS Force Master CN
oyebaby Blade Master CN
Hema Lyn Sword Master CN

Registration for the tournament is ongoing until the end of the month, for this, write us your nickname and game class in private messages.
VK repost contest: